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"The ultimate aim has always been to consistently create
instruments that compare with those of the early great

I was born in Yorkshire and lived in the New Forest before taking a degree in Politics and Economics at Lancaster University. After graduating I trained in violin making with Rod Ward and moved to Bristol to begin a life combining my love for music with a long history of making things - from Airfix models to furniture making and life sculpting. I was also inspired by encounters with instrument makers and restorers I met through playing double bass in amateur ensembles. Since 1984, my workshop has been in West Dorset, overlooking the Frome Valley. 


I work in the traditional manner of the craft, the essentials of violin making remaining largely unchanged throughout its history. The process involves intricate wood carving combined with fine acoustic analysis, resulting in violins and violas inspired by the great Italian makers. My violins are based on studies of the early Amatis and Guarneri Del Jesu of Cremona, and violas in the manner of the Brescian School of Gasparo Da Salo and Maggini.


Technical innovation has not impacted significantly on the making process over its 500 years. Direct contact with, and thus knowledge of, the wood’s characteristics (maple, spruce, ebony) is regarded as essential in realising its potential, and is significant in the tactile pleasure of making. The intention is to produce an object of beauty in both form and function. Modern technology has, however, greatly enhanced our understanding of the acoustic performance of instruments, through its system mechanics, the influence of varnish composition and the finishing techniques. 

The ultimate aim has always been to consistently create instruments that compare with those of the early great masters.


As well as creating original work, I undertake restoration and repair work for all standards of instrument. Close liaison and feedback from players at all levels is a welcome and necessary stimulus. My workshop has gained reputation for its fine work, particularly in servicing double basses.


I am a member of the British Violin Making Association.

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